Locally and Organically Grown

Here at AVF, we are committed to upholding sustainable growing practices. Our flowers are delivered to local flower shops, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Why? Because we believe that cultivating beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of our beautiful planet.

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Learn how to grow flowers with video tutorials and how-to's

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"Boys Don't Play With Flowers"

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An essential tool in the foam-free floral design movement. A good quality pin frog is the beginning of each and every one of our floral designs.


Our blooms have been featured in:

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Each January we make our favourite, tried-and-true flower seed varieties available. Each variety was selected for ease of growth, colour, and vigour.

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Our favourite varieties of dahlias, gladiolus, and other spring planted treasures become available each April. Our dahlias sell out quickly, so subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of availability.

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Fall planted bulbs become available each September. Our favourite varieties will give you something incredibly beautiful to look forward to after a long winter.