Autumn Wreath How-To

Materials Required

  • autumn leaves
  • glycerin
  • low, wide dish
  • wreath frame
  • fine gauge floral wire

How to Preserve the Leaves

  1. Collect a variety of autumnal leaves.
  2. Prepare the preserving solution in a wide, low dish. Combine water and glycerin at a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part glycerin.
  3. Submerge leaves in the glycerin solution and weigh leaves down with a plate so they remain submerged.
  4. Leaves will be ready to be removed from the solution after 4 days. Pat them dry with paper towel and allow to air dry flat for 1 day.

How to Build Wreath

  1. Make small bundles of leaves by overlapping the leaves and lining up their stems. While holding the leaves, use fine gauge floral wire to wrap the stems of the leaves so they stay together in bunches.
  2. For an 18″ wreath frame, you will need 12 – 14 bunches of leaves to complete the wreath.
  3. To assemble the wreath, begin by placing 1 bunch of leaves onto the wreath frame and secure it by wrapping the stems to the frame with wire.
  4. Take a second bunch of leaves and place it onto the wreath frame so that it slightly overlaps the first bunch of leaves and secure it by wrapping the stems to the wreath frame with wire.
  5. Continue with remaining leaf bunches around the frame until the entire frame is covered.

Finished Wreath

  1. Tie some festive coloured ribbon into a bow and secure to wreath with wire.
  2. Wreath is ready to hang. Store wreath in a dry, dust-free location and it will last a few seasons.