Evergreen Wreath How-To

Creating a hand-made wreath is easier than you think. Nothing beats the classic simplicity of various textural greens and a hand-tied satin ribbon bow.

Materials Required: 

  • Wreath Frame
  • Floral Wire
  • Clippers
  • Various Evergreen Foliage


  • Begin by creating a collection of small evergreen bundles. Clip short branches of mixed evergreens and line up the stem ends. Wrap the bundles with floral wire, just above the stem ends. For an 18” frame, you’ll need approximately 12 to 14 bundles.

  • To assemble, begin by fixing the floral wire to the wireframe. Lay a bundle of greens on your frame and secure it by wrapping the floral wire a couple of times around the frame, pulling the wire taut with each wrap.

  • Keeping the evergreen bundles in the same direction, secure the next bundle a few inches down the frame with the floral wire, overlapping the stems of the first bundle.
  • Continue adding bundles to the frame, affixing them with floral wire, until the entire frame is covered.
  • Once the frame is completely covered, add detail by wiring in pinecones, fruit, ribbon, etc… Your wreath is ready to hang!

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