Eucalyptus 'Small-Leaved Gum'

Eucalyptus 'Small-Leaved Gum'

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A smaller leafed variety which produces red stems and blue/grey foliage. The contrasting combination is very handsome. Foliage is beautifully fragrant and makes an excellent addition to floral design and bouquets. Performs well in containers. Can also be dried and used in winter decor.

Plant type: annual

Height: 36-42”

Planting depth: surface sow 

Exposure: full sun 

Plant spacing: 24”      

Approx seeds per packet: 20

How to sow:

Sow seeds indoors 10-12 weeks before last frost. Do not cover seeds as light is required for germination. Germination can be slow, so patience is required. Pinching is not necessary.


Harvest branches once the foliage is mature and firm. 120-150 days to maturity.