Pincushion Flower 'Fata Morgana'
Pincushion Flower 'Fata Morgana'

Pincushion Flower 'Fata Morgana'

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Uniquely coloured blooms in blush and creamy-beige. Scabiosa produces charming flowers atop strong, slender stems. Plants are productive and produce flowers over a long period. Excellent in the middle of the mixed border or as a filler in floral arrangements. A favourite among pollinators.

Plant type: annual 

Height: 24-36” 

Planting depth: surface sow 

Exposure: full sun 

Plant spacing: 12” 

Approx seeds per packet: 100

How to sow: 

Sow seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost. Barely cover seeds as light is required for germination. Harden off seedlings and transplant outdoors after last frost. Pinching is not necessary. 


For best vase life, harvest stems just before buds begin to open. Deadhead for continuous blooms. Plants may require support. 90-100 days to maturity.