Shirley Poppy 'Supreme'

Shirley Poppy 'Supreme'

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Delicate single and double blooms feature tissue paper like petals in a colour range of pink, white, and crimson. A favourite with pollinators. Blooms are held up well on thin, strong stems. A real treat in the garden and a useful cut flower for the home gardener.

Plant type: annual  

Height: 18-24”

Planting depth: 1/8”

Exposure: full sun

Plant spacing: 9-12” 

Approx seeds per packet: 100

How to sow: 

Direct sowing is recommended. May also be started indoors 4 weeks before last frost, but take care not to disturb root system when planting out as Shirley poppies do not transplant well. Lightly cover seeds. Pinching is not necessary.


Shirley poppies are an easy to grow annual, and will tolerate most types of well draining soil. For cut flowers, searing the stem ends will improve vase life. 65-75 days to maturity.